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• All fees shall be fully paid at the time of the enrollment in any of the following manner (a) cash, (b) Bank Transfer, or (c) Cheque.

• The course fee shall include all fees for registration and tuition fees. It also comes with certificate after completion of the course.

• In case of a change of course, only upgrades will be allowed.

• The start date will be the date of the course you first enrolled in.

• Full course fee is payable for non-attendance.

• Certificates / Degrees will not be released unless the entire monetary obligation to the academy has been paid.

• Incase any cheque bounce student must pay cash, after the cheque is given back .

• The cheque will be deposited within 5 days, incase any cheque bounce, the student will be informed under legal condition through court .

• Payment is only paid through currency of Dirhams or Dollar.

• There will be no refunds after the course starts.

• There will be no refund on any condition or reason if any of the student demands for refund.

Classes & Exams

• Duration - Each class is for 3 hours.

• confirmation of class - Every class will be confirmed and reminded to the students 24 hours before the class. In case the student is late 20 minutes the class will be considered as cancelled.

• Cancellation /Re-schedule of class - In case of unavoidable or technical issues, the Academy has the right to reschedule or cancel a class an hour before the scheduled class.

• cancellation on the part of the student shall be allowed as long as the student informs the Academy 24 hours before the class.

• students station - Each student is allotted a station. Student shall be responsible to clean his/her own station.

• Lessons - The Academy is not obliged to repeat the lesson if the student misses the class that they have been scheduled.

• Taking of video of the instructor during class is not allowed due to copyright reasons.

• Students should make sure to have their notebook ready for notes during the class.

• Re-Exam - If the student fails the exam, the fee for re-taking the exam will be AED 500.

• Failure of the student to come on the schedule re-exam automatically forfeits the re-exam fee.

• Students are allowed to pause the course in-between the course duration only for 30 days, incase the pause duration exceeds 30 days, the course is considered cancelled and the payment will not be refunded.

• Students must except any class cancellation or time changes from the Academy.

• Students must except all models provided by the Academy, incase any model cancels or no model is available the student must agree to apply on each other or use their own face.

• Students are allowed to repeat only two looks.


• Photos taken of the model and the students shall be used by the Academy. It is the responsibility of the student that other students and their models do not appear in their work.

• Any loss of students portfolio after it is set by the Academy, is not of the Academy’s responsibility.


• The Academy will provide the models for the makeup sessions except for African Makeup, Aged Makeup & Special Effects Makeup courses.

• The model agrees that his/her photo be taken for the use of the Academy.

• In case the model is late/ absent, the school shall not be responsible. In such a case, the student shall do an on-self make up.

• The model must observe utmost respect to everybody inside the school.

Rules & Regulations

• Proper behavior is a must at all times , students / models must treat teachers, staff, and other students with respect. The academy has the right to expel any student from the class without newfound of any payment paid if the student disrespects anyone in the school.

• In case of the student forget his brushes the academy will not be responsible of providing new brushes during the course.

• Silence must be observed while the class is in progress.

• Proper dress code must be observed.

• No bringing in of food , chewing gum is not allowed.

• Bags should be in the cabinet and no one is allowed to get his/her bag without permission of the instructor.

• Except in urgent cases, phone are not allowed during the class.

• Students are not allowed to bring any friends, children, and family members except if he/ she is your model.

• Student is not allowed to borrow any items or cosmetics from the school. The school provides materials and items to be use in school only.

• Return everything in the right place for the use of other students.

• Leave questions for the theory to focus more on the practical.

• keep the school tidy and neat . Throw unwanted waste in the bin.

• Brushes must be placed on the metal handle.

• After doing the practical, please clean your own station and return everything in the right place.


• The academy shall not be responsible for any loss during the duration of the class. In case of damage or loss of any item in the school, replacement or payment shall be shouldered by concerned students.

I, agree on paying the full payment of the course. Should I decide to stop attending my classes in the middle of the course program for whatever reasons, I will not be refunded of any payment. As a student of the academy, I accept all the policies and agree to all terms and conditions set by Alz Beauty Makeup Training Centre. And I promise to give it all my interest and hard work to be a professional makeup influencer/makeup artist. It is my earnest promise to learn with utmost interest and hard work to maintain the vision & the mission of the academy. I agree in all the terms and conditions mentioned above.