Hair Styling Course

Silver Package Hair Styling Course

in Dubai

Course objectives:

  • Hygiene and safety
  • Equipment use and description
  • Product training
  • Basic blow drying techniques/ perform/ hold blow dryer
  • Identify material , tools and equipment’s for blow -dry
  • Hair straightening
  • Use the comb during the straightening process
  • Back combing
  • Advanced blow drying to create root lift
  • Tonging / electrical curling
  • Hair finishing and texturing
  • Twisting and pinning hair
  • Types of hair pins and correct use
  • Comb and detangle hair

Course Looks:

  • Basic theory of hair styling
  • Open hair style
  • Blow dry techniques and back combing
  • Messy up do hair style
  • Hair straightening and beach waves
  • European hair style tonging \ electrical curling with twisted hair style
  • Braided hair style
  • Braided up do / French braid
  • Classic French twist hair style: bun
  • Wedding styles


Course Fee            9000 AED

Registration Fee    180 AED

Total Days

Theory                            2 days
Practical(Makeup)         19 days
Hair                              7 days
Face chart                     2 day
Final Exam                    1 day
Total days                    31 days
Total hours                    84 hrs