“Confidence is the most important part of success”

Alz Beauty Makeup Academy, based in Dubai, delivers professional makeup training and courses for those who wish to start a new career or to upgrade current profession in their makeup industry. We teach people how to use their creativity and how to work professionally.

Taught by professional professors, our academy courses range from basic level up to creative fashion and special effects makeup as well as qualification upgrade lessons for make-up artists.

The difference between Alz Beauty Makeup Academy and other academies is that after each course we plan the future of our graduates as a makeup artist and beauty experts, whether they are opening  their own business or having bigger plans, the best part of the whole experience is teaching our students how to invest in themselves, how to make connections with big companies and dealing with clients.

Confidence is the most important part of success hence we like to educate our students on communication skills and how to be more confident in building their passion.